Union Gas Trail status update behind Cousens Terrace

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At tonight’s Community Services Standing Committee meeting there will be a project update on the Union Gas Trail development from Thompson South to Philbrook Drive. This is a trail that is several years late in coming and has been held up due to multiple third parties in relation to grading, financial and timing issues. One thing I learned very quickly is when you have third party dependencies any control over timelines becomes sadly an illusion.

The staff report is available online at –> http://www.milton.ca/MeetingDocuments/Council/agendas2012/rpts2012/COMS-029-12%20Union%20Gas%20Trail%20Development%20Abbreviated%20Councillor%20Response.pdf

During tonight’s issue I’ll be asking about how the Town of Milton will assist the residents on Cousens Terrace who continue to be negatively impacted by the delayed ongoing work. Residents have reported that their backyards are suffering from erosion and damage to both their fences and backyard area due to the ongoing grading problems related to the trail work. This is in addition to the obvious reality that the trail has still not been built, that there is still no signed lease agreement on the lands in question and there is still no definite timeline on when this will occur.

It’s a poor reflection on all parties involved that in the past 4 years we can build high schools, new roads, communities, fire stations, etc but not a properly graded trail that residents were told would be completed years earlier.

Louis St. Laurent & Thompson Road

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Louis St. Laurent and Thompson Road

Future development by this area is a frequent question that I’ve been replying to either through emails or postings on the online forum but I wanted to consolidate some answers here for more public visibility.

On the south side of Louis St. Laurent there will be “secondary mixed use node” development likely starting in the next few years.   This includes retail usages on the ground level with possible residential/office above.   To keep the streetscape clean the long term goal is to minimize the amount of surface parking that fronts onto the roads.    There may be an interim phase that has surface parking by the road side but the long term phase will have continuous mixed-use buildings that front onto the street.   See additional pictures below (click on “Read more” for them to appear) along with additional information.

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TV Speeches and Interviews

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TV Cogeco recently invited me to give a 3 minute candidate speech which they’ve now started airing on TV.   It’s unscripted, from the heart, speaking directly to you.   Three minutes goes by faster than you think, I’m looking forward to the all candidate debates where we’ll have more time to talk directly about issues and concerns.  You can also see my recent Milton Today TV interview below as well. (Click Read More to see video interviews) Read more

Ward 7 resident gives Delegation Speech to Town Council

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Steve Camilleri, ward 7 resident, blogger and active Hawthorne Villager spoke directly to Milton Town Council on Monday. Steve has been active in attending public information meetings over the past year where I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Steve and talking about transit and Milton’s future growth.

I’m attaching Steve’s speech verbatim to this post.

I’m also including this link to Tim Foran’s recent article in the Champion where he talks about some of the statements Steve gave in his speech.

Before the council meeting started I asked Steve for permission for videotaping his speech from the audience as I had read in advance his text and felt it would resonate with others. I later realized since I’d be in the audience, any video-taping would mainly be showing the back of his head. But I’ve still posted it online as it’s nice to hear him speak directly versus only reading the speech text.

On a post note, after council concluded Troy McHarg (Town Clerk) updated me in regards to rules about taping or taking pictures during Town Council meetings. He let me know that one needs to get pre-approval before making any recordings. I asked if I needed to delete what I had taped, but he was kind enough to allow me to keep the video but just asked that in the future I seek pre-approval in advance. Thanks Troy for informing me of this rule in a friendly manner.

Town of Milton council meeting on June 14, 2010 – Steve Camilleri Delegation speech

Thank you and hello, my name is Steve Camilleri and my wife and I have lived in Milton for almost 4 years now. We love living in Milton and can’t wait to start a family here and I believe things are only going to get better with time. However, I feel that Milton is truly at a crossroads right now and we need to be very careful about the decisions we are going to make very soon (including the adoption of the revised/new growth plan). We have all heard about intensification and the need for “smart growth” as opposed to the current method of suburban development which is simply not sustainable.

I have read many comments on the Hawthorne Villager forums and the town website and I am very concerned about the comments that are repeated time and time again. Milton is in a very unique position as probably the last remaining suburb within a commutable distance to Toronto in the GTA that is mostly un-developed and we really have a chance to do something great here.

We need to learn from the mistakes other areas all over the GTA (Milton included) have made in the past and build the kind of suburban city that is the envy of the entire GTA region. We must embrace and push for things such as intensification, public transit and smarter development. We need to push builders to develop better planned communities that are walkable, accessible by public transit and connected to the greater part of Milton as a whole.

There are many examples all over the world that show medium and high-density developments work extremely well and people are very happy living in and around them, when they are done properly. I myself live in a townhouse in an area of Milton that is higher in terms of density than the majority of the town (by the Holly and Derry area in the Coates neighbourhood). Within walking or biking distance of our house, we have several shopping areas and schools, a park and come September, a new transit route. This means for us that we will be driving our cars at the most on the weekends only because we will be able to take Milton Transit to and from the GO station during the week (because we both work in downtown Toronto). Another benefit of our location relates to the proximity of our house to other retail and services when we do have to drive. This means that we can fulfill the overwhelming majority of our needs within a very short distance of a few kilometers from our house.

Steve’s blog is http://stevecamilleri.wordpress.com/ but you can also have discussions with him directly online in the Hawthorne Villager “Milton Town Hall” forum. He posts online under the username “Steve and Kelly”

Thank you Steve for continuing to be a citizen advocate for smarter development in Milton.

Milton Transit routes changing

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Effective September 8th, Milton Transit will have all new routes. Milton Transit improved routes along with other rider incentives currently being finalized are all part of an effort to increase public utilization.

Do you use GO Transit to commute to and from work? Try and leave the car at home by taking Milton Transit to the GO Station. You can transfer to/from Milton Transit from the GO for only 50 cents.