Milton Town Budget – 2011

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2011 Proposed Budget Documents

The current proposed local town tax increase is  5.72% (combination of 4.86% town and .86% library).   The town’s municipal tax portion makes up a small portion of your overall property tax bill, about 1 quarter.    With the zero percent regional portion it means whatever Milton’s local amount will be the end impact to your property tax bill will be less than that percentage.

My 2010 election platform should give you an idea on what items or changes to the 2011 budget I’ll support.

  1. Improving Community Safety – Traffic calming around high risk areas (schools, parks, etc)
  2. Expand Milton Hospital – Have our new hospital reserve fund for the future expansion have some serious dollar contributions made.  Symbolic small amounts are not going to cut it – it would just shift the burden to much larger tax increases in future years.
  3. Ensure fiscal responsibility – Support measures for future economic growth.  At a time when we have both hospital &  infrastructure renewal  reserve deficits that need to be addressed we shouldn’t be introducing large amounts of new spending in other areas.

2011 should be the year we start saving money for a future hospital expansion.  2012 should be the year we start saving money for deficits in our infrastructure renewal reserves.


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