Bell Cell Tower proposed at Clark & Thompson

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There is a proposal on behalf of Bell Canada (by Altus Group) to have a new cell tower put up by the New Life Church property at Thompson and Clark.

The proposal for the height of the tower is 29.9m (slightly under the 30m limit that would have required a more public process with an ad in the local media)

The final decision on the proposal rests with Industry Canada. It’s a federal matter and local Milton Town Council is not the approving body. But both residents and the Town can provide comments on the proposal.

Altus group has circulated notices to residents in the immediate area (in both wards 6 & 7) of the proposed location with more information. Here’s a copy/paste from the notice.

Members of the public are invited to provide comments to Bell Mobilty (via Altus Group) about this proposal by mail, email, or fax. Public have until the end of the day April 12, 2012 to submit their written questions or comments to the address provided below, Altus Group.

Also in an attempt for the applicant to respond to public questions or concerns Altus Group is inviting the public to attend the Open House Information Session that is scheduled on April 12, 2012 at the Milton Leisure Centre, Activity Room from 7-9pm (1100 Main Street East, Milton)

The setting of the meeting is an “Open House Information Session” and there will not be any decisions made on this meeting and all decisions relation to this application will be made by Industry Canada.

Altus Group
33 Yonge Street
5th Floor
Toronto ON M5E 1G4
Attn: Morteza Alabaf
Fax 416-204-1200

For more information on Industry Canada’s public consultation guidelines including CPC-2-0-03 please visit or the local Industry Canada office:

Toronto District Office
Room 909, 9th Floor
55 St. Clair Avenue East
Toronto ON M4T 1M2
Phone (416) 973-8215 Fax (416) 954-3553

Email Spectrum Engineering

Closing Date for Submission of Written Public Comments

Industry Canada’s rules contain requirement for timely response to your questions, comments or concerns. We will acknowledge receipt of your communication within 14 days and will provide a formal response to the municipality and those members of the public who communicated to Bell Mobility within 60 days. The members of the public who communicated with Bell Mobility will then have 21 days to review and reply as the final response.

I’m planning to be at the public meeting with some comments and questions. One question I have is looking at the simulated picture the proposed height of the cell tower doesn’t appear to be the approximately 99 feet that is proposed. When I think of roughly 100 feet, I think of a 9 storey building. But looking at the placement of the trees and buildings around the tower, the tower doesn’t look that tell so wanted to find out how accurate the scale of the simulated photograph is.

There’s also been recent articles in the media about the proposal ––bell-plans-cellphone-tower-inside-gigantic-cross-in-milton

As well as an over 100 post discussion thread at

I’ve started a new Poll asking residents their opinion if they are for or against this cell phone tower – You can vote on the poll at

Keep in mind that if you want to provide official comments, the way to do so is through either emailing, writing or faxing using the approved process laid out in the notice circular from Altus Group and copied/pasted up above. Please be aware that April 12 is the deadline for comments.

Local residents that are in opposition to the Cell Tower have also started a petition opposing the proposal that they plan to present at the April 12th meeting. You can find more information about the petition by emailing   You can see a copy of their petition here (Please email them directly if you wish to sign)

Mike Cluett (Ward 6 councillor) has also posted multiple informative updates on his blog at about the proposal.

I’ve sent an inquiry to Town Staff to see if there’s an opportunity for the Town Council as a whole to provide comments on the proposal after Altus has consolidated the comments they receive along with the formal responses


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