Union Gas Trail status update behind Cousens Terrace

October 15, 2012 by
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At tonight’s Community Services Standing Committee meeting there will be a project update on the Union Gas Trail development from Thompson South to Philbrook Drive. This is a trail that is several years late in coming and has been held up due to multiple third parties in relation to grading, financial and timing issues. One thing I learned very quickly is when you have third party dependencies any control over timelines becomes sadly an illusion.

The staff report is available online at –> http://www.milton.ca/MeetingDocuments/Council/agendas2012/rpts2012/COMS-029-12%20Union%20Gas%20Trail%20Development%20Abbreviated%20Councillor%20Response.pdf

During tonight’s issue I’ll be asking about how the Town of Milton will assist the residents on Cousens Terrace who continue to be negatively impacted by the delayed ongoing work. Residents have reported that their backyards are suffering from erosion and damage to both their fences and backyard area due to the ongoing grading problems related to the trail work. This is in addition to the obvious reality that the trail has still not been built, that there is still no signed lease agreement on the lands in question and there is still no definite timeline on when this will occur.

It’s a poor reflection on all parties involved that in the past 4 years we can build high schools, new roads, communities, fire stations, etc but not a properly graded trail that residents were told would be completed years earlier.


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