Rick Di Lorenzo, a community leader and active volunteer that has been serving the public as a Milton Town Councillor for the past eight years.

Focused on community safety, better planning, fiscal responsibility as well as being easily accessible and available to help on local issues.


My name is Rick Di Lorenzo and it has been my pleasure and honour to serve you as your Local Councillor for the past eight years.  Milton is our home, it’s where we want to raise a family, so it’s my responsibility to make the community a better place for our children.

As your local councillor I remain dedicated to serving you by focusing on safety, fiscal responsibility and being easily accessible and available to help on local issues.

In 2018 I’m looking for your support to be re-elected to Milton Town Council as your local councillor for Ward 3.  I live in the centre of this new ward and it’s my goal to continue to support my neighbours and community to the best of my ability. To represent our ward and help Milton continue to be the best community to live in and raise a family. I know there are obstacles in our path – CN Intermodal, growth that is outpacing our infrastructure, financial pressures, traffic & safety issues. But we have much to be thankful for that we have helped build together. We live in a community where people care for one another. A community with ample greenspace and parks that we can all enjoy. We are blessed with our escarpment, waterways and great natural heritage land and we need to preserve it for our future generations. Past great attainments have been our hospital expansion, new arts centre, approved funding for our future university, our innovation centre. New goals are higher paying jobs and employment opportunities (Derry Green Business Park) continuing to expand our park and greenspace network, working with the province and region so they can provide us the support to build our infrastructure so we can catch up to our growth. We have these and other challenges.

Thanks again to everyone’s comments of support. Outside of being a parent (that’s #1), being a councillor is truly the greatest honour and I know I have to never stop earning that right and privilege.

Thank you for your support!

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