Public Input session for 2012 Town of Milton Budget

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Informal 2012 Milton Budget Input Session on Monday July 11th in Room 4 of the Milton Sports Centre starting at 7:00 pm.
The input and comments received during this budget input session will be summarized and delivered to Town of Milton staff as further feedback from the community into the 2012 budget process.

Public Information Session – Future Use for 45 Bruce Street – June 16, 7pm

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Milton’s main central library and library administration were formerly housed at 45 Bruce Street and 407 Pine Street respectively. Both have since moved to our new Centre for the Arts located at Thompson & Main. The Town hired a consultant group to gather public input and study the future use for the 45 Bruce Street and 407 Pine Street buildings.
The consultants will report back on their findings and recommendations at a Public Information Session on Thursday June 16, 2011 at 7pm at the Milton Seniors Activity Centre (500 Childs Drive).  The report will include public input already received.

2012 Budget – Public Input May 30th

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Milton residents are invited to provide public comments on the 2012 Town Budget in regards to programs, service levels and priorities. Town staff will be conducting a presentation at the start of the meeting to introduce the budget process.

If you’d like to provide input please register as a delegation. You can do so online at the town’s website ( or by picking up the forms at the Clerks Office (Town Hall West, 150 Mary Street). If you’d like to provide input please submit your forms before 10 am on May 30th.

The meeting starts at 7pm on Monday (May 30th) in the Council Chambers, Town Hall West, 150 Mary street.

Louis St. Laurent & Thompson Road

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Louis St. Laurent and Thompson Road

Future development by this area is a frequent question that I’ve been replying to either through emails or postings on the online forum but I wanted to consolidate some answers here for more public visibility.

On the south side of Louis St. Laurent there will be “secondary mixed use node” development likely starting in the next few years.   This includes retail usages on the ground level with possible residential/office above.   To keep the streetscape clean the long term goal is to minimize the amount of surface parking that fronts onto the roads.    There may be an interim phase that has surface parking by the road side but the long term phase will have continuous mixed-use buildings that front onto the street.   See additional pictures below (click on “Read more” for them to appear) along with additional information.

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Milton Public Library

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45 Bruce Street, MiltonIn 2011, Milton’s Main Library that’s currently located on Bruce Street (close to Ontario & Main) will be moving to a new and expanded location at the Milton Centre for the Arts at Main & Thompson.

The new location will have a larger amount of books, materials & services in a new state of the art facility.   Thanks to joint provincial and federal funding via the Building Canada Fund, the construction of the centre was able to go forward, with further support from the Town of Milton.

In addition to the Main Library there is also the Beaty Branch on Fourth Line south of Derry which has had great success (high usage) in its first full year.

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Milton Town Budget – 2011

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2011 Proposed Budget Documents

The current proposed local town tax increase is  5.72% (combination of 4.86% town and .86% library).   The town’s municipal tax portion makes up a small portion of your overall property tax bill, about 1 quarter.    With the zero percent regional portion it means whatever Milton’s local amount will be the end impact to your property tax bill will be less than that percentage.

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TV Speeches and Interviews

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TV Cogeco recently invited me to give a 3 minute candidate speech which they’ve now started airing on TV.   It’s unscripted, from the heart, speaking directly to you.   Three minutes goes by faster than you think, I’m looking forward to the all candidate debates where we’ll have more time to talk directly about issues and concerns.  You can also see my recent Milton Today TV interview below as well. (Click Read More to see video interviews) Read more

Road Construction – Penalties & Bonuses

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One of the painful experiences with infrastructure in Milton is the continuous delays and late completion of road work.    The Town of Milton needs to take a close look at it’s contracts to determine if clauses in regards to penalties (or “liquidated damages” as they are sometimes called) are effective.  When the penalty for non-completion according to schedule is minor,  contractors who frequently have simultaneous jobs may delay one project to allow them to focus on another.

Both early completion “bonuses” and late completion “penalties” should be utilized by the town to encourage on schedule completion by third-party contractors.   Ensure that it is in the contractors best interests to both accurately forecast schedules for completion and that they are properly motivated to meet or beat those schedules. Read more

Tiger Jeet Singh Public School Open House

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It was with great pleasure that I attended the Open House at Tiger Jeet Singh Public School yesterday.   The community has come together in a phenomenal way in supporting the school which is itself an epitome of warmth and modernity.

You can really tell this is a Hawthorne Village school by the large amount of Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes.

Ryan, my fearless campaign manager and photographer led me on a merry tour where he explored as many classrooms and spaces as he could get into.  He especially had fun in the music room beating on the drums and  at the book sale where he purchased Shrek material for later late night reading. Read more

School Safety – TJS PS and Our Lady of Fatima

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With the opening of  Tiger Jeet Singh Public School as well as changes in buses for Our Lady of Fatima there’s been an increase in students walking to school in our area who were previously bussed.   Neither schools currently have any crossing guards or even  crossing pavement markings at nearby intersections.

While canvassing I’ve heard from many parents about safety concerns getting to school and I spent last week watching first hand students walking to and from both schools.

There is an immediate need for crossing guards and safety improvements.

If you are outside right now in the morning or afternoon on a school day you’ll see a large mass of students and parents trying to conduct their way safely along the roads to both schools.   I’ve heard parents say “nightmare”, “absolute chaos” and “holy cow” as adjectives when describing the situation.

So where are we today? Read more

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