My name is Rick Di Lorenzo and it has been my pleasure and honour to serve you as your Local Councillor for the past eight years.  Milton is our home, it’s where we want to raise a family, so it’s my responsibility to make the community a better place for our children.

I’m seeking your support to become the next Provincial Liberal Candidate for Milton.

I’m serving my third term as Town Councillor and I can’t close my eyes to the obstacles facing us that are of provincial origins. The cancellation or “Pause” by the province for our future Milton Education Village. The cancellation of the Milton GO Station expansion. The delay of funding for our local schools which is leading to overcrowding and increased pressure on our youth. The further eroding of municipal control at the OMB (LPAT) that’s leading to the reduced ability of our Town to control our own future. We need to bring back a focus on sustainable growth that is both fiscally and socially responsible for our town and province.

I have decided to seek the Provincial Liberal nomination for Milton when the nomination date is set. Being a candidate for Milton provincially will not interfere with my responsibilities as your Town Councillor. I will continue to serve you as I always have.

I want to represent all Miltonians, all communities with one voice. I hope I can count on your support. I am signing up memberships which you will need to be able to vote for me in the nomination. Please contact me for details on how you can support my campaign.